Past Lives (Part Two)

Now where was I?  (Hmmmm . . . given the topic, that sounds suspiciously like a straight line, but I digress.)

Ah, yes.

Now, for me the idea of past lives/reincarnation falls firmly into the category of “Yet to be proven to my satisfaction, but I’ve heard of worse ideas.”  It has the potential for some interesting speculation, but as a rule I put fascination/obsession with the idea on par with the fascination/obsession some people have with their genealogy.  Depending on your level of reasonableness, ability to spin a yarn, and (most importantly) your willingness to allow the subject to change and talk about something else, that kind of fascination can make you anything from interestingly quirky to something between a monotonous drone and a high pitched screeching depending upon the type of voice you have.

Put bluntly, be you descended from Louis XIV, or be you Louis XIV, my usual response is the same:

And this matters now how, exactly?

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