Another Letter For My Unborn Son (Part Three)

In other words, if you ever ask yourself “Does he realize how weird it is for him to be writing a letter that’s supposed to be to me, and then posting it up for the world to see?”, the short answer answer is “Yes.”

But as with most things I do, I do have my reasons.  I could write these letters on paper and seal them in envelopes, for instance, and if I were covering a topic that I considered best just between us, I’d definitely be doing something like that.   And by the time you were old enough to read them, odds are good the envelopes would have been lost and/or opened, defeating the purpose.

Barring a technological meltdown (which would bring its own issues that would likely eclipse the importance of these letters), doing it this way is the best way to tilt the odds in favor of you actually reading these someday, so that certainly part of the reason.  Another reason is that when I sit down to do Candles & Curses, I write whatever I’m thinking about, and when I’m thinking about you, I write you a letter.

The positive feedback, particularly from girls, that I got from posting the last letter I wrote you, also influences matters, of course.

Bet you didn’t expect me to admit that, did you?

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