Another Letter For My Unborn Son (Part Four)

Why not?  It’s true . . . just another quirk, much like me being an intensely private person in general, but having no problems being in a public area or forum.  I just never forget that I’m in a public area, and remember at all times to act like I’m in public (even and especially when I’m pretending to do otherwise).  In a similar vein, I write what I want to write  — no exceptions — but the feedback I get does influence what I want to write about.

And, yes, sometimes it really does matter if it comes from a girl or not; not always, of course, but enough that I might as well admit that it’s a factor.  Maybe not as much of a factor as I joke about, but it is a factor.

Chalk it up as another quirk.

(And while it’s not a quirk that you necessarily have to share, it will gives us more to talk about in the years to come if you do.)

(Come to think of it though, if you don’t share the quirk at all, that in and of itself will give us some things to talk about, so I guess we’re good either way.)

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