Truth Be Told (Part Two)

All things considered, I had pretty tolerant teachers on average back when I was in school, so it was never that much of a big deal when a teacher would ask, “Is everyone clear on that?” and my response came out “I believe I speak for all concerned when I say that we have no idea what you are talking about.” Even so . . . I did my best to keep my comments (particularly the unkind ones) to myself, in no small part because this gave me extra leeway for the times when I thought something out loud without realizing it. All in all, this worked pretty well in school.

In a court of law though, you just know you’re in trouble when you’re sitting for jury selection, answering the routine questions, and generally trying to remain coherent despite the fact you had to get up a lot earlier than normal because you had to drive across town to act in accordance with your belief in the concept of “civic duty,” but you’re still more than a little bleary and out of sorts, and . . .

Well . . .

You know you’re in trouble when the judge turns to the bailiff after the latest round of questioning and says “Boring group today, isn’t it?,” and you hear someone jauntily saying “That’s because you’re not asking the right questions.”


It was me.

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