Latest Book Update (Part One)

When I started my research into finding an agent, I was basically advised to research carefully, then “contact a hundred agents, in the hopes that ten contact you back, and that one of those ten will be the agent you’re looking for.”  Now I know why I was advised this, but I’ve always detested the saturation bombing approach to anything, so . . . I did my research, compiled my list (admittedly short of a hundred, but long enough), and paused.

One name in particular from my list stood out for me . . . specialized in fiction, an avid proponent of fantasy/sci-fi (a much maligned genre in some circles, I had come to learn), active on-line presence, etc. etc.  This agent seemed the perfect first contact, so I threw the advice I’d been given to the wind, privately smiled at the idea of what a great story this would be if it panned out, sent out my inquiry and waited the required month for a response.  (Yes . . . a month, and it’s standard for many agents to not contact you back at all.  Every business has it’s quirks, I know, and even though I understand how this one came about, I still shake my head at it.)

When the response came, to put it bluntly, not only did I not get out of the starting gate, I was gunned down at the starting gate:  No interest in seeing the full manuscript, the standard “Good luck elsewhere,” and that was it.

Not . . . quite the story I was hoping to get from this.

But neither unexpected nor unprepared for either.


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