Latest Book Update (Part Three)

So, in other words, it’ll be a little while before I know if Plan B has panned out or not (and yes, I have a Plan C), and in the meantime . . .

Honestly, I’ve got to get back to work . . . writing work, I mean.  I made the right call in taking even more time off to prepare for the impending birth and all the thousand and one tasks that has entailed, and I know post-birth will bring its own challenges and thousand and one tasks, so this is perilously close to the worst possible time to start a new project.

But I don’t care.

I’ve been climbing the walls for the better part of a month, at least, and it’s past time I got back to it.  There’s a small project I can start on Monday to get my feet wet again, and I can figure out where I want to go from there.

I won’t call it a sickness or an addiction, this need of mine to write . . . but I might have to concede the touch of madness.

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