Latest Book Update (Epilogue)

Speaking of things I might have to concede . . .

Point one:   Despite all the trouble it’s caused me, I still have the inclination to respond to someone in the manner they approach/respond to me with.  It’s no longer an automatic habit anymore, I’m happy to say, because while the inclination works fine when people are being enjoyable to be around, it has a tendency to exacerbate matters in less pleasant situations.

Point two:  I detest form letters almost as much as I detest saturation bombing approaches.

So with those two points in mind, I might have to concede that wishing the agent continued good luck in finding projects more to their interest, could be misconstrued as me being snotty.  I was sincere in my wish, I assure you, and was only responding in kind to the way I was being addressed, but still . . .a case could easily be made on how I shouldn’t have done that.

My only defense is it felt right at the time.

Really . . . really right.

P.S.  I decided  I couldn’t wait until Monday, and have already started that project I mentioned.

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