Plans Verses Preparation

(This is a special Saturday entry since circumstances forced me to miss my Thursday entry.)

Plan for L’s birth:  Natural delivery, water birth in the most comfortable room the birth center had available.

Preparation:  Access to hospital facilities in the event of a word I particularly dread when paired with the word “pregnancy,”:  “complications.”

Let us all take a moment and recognize the importance of making the distinction between plans and preparation.

L. was breech.  More than that, he was insistent on remaining breech (there was a reason I felt the need to include the word “willful” in his blessing).

Which is why he entered the world on Wednesday via C-section (and why I used the phrasing that I did on my announcement on that day).

That wasn’t the plan, but because of the preparation, mother and son (and father, come to think) are doing well.

And that’s all that matters to me right now.

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  1. Eudilma Sole-Kaifman Says:

    Thank you for sharing, with your always fantastic writing style….far from boring me, this is a way for me to feel close to baby L. and mommy P.

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