The Saga Of L’s Arrival (Part One)

As much as I dislike even the hint of appearing to be one of “those parents” that can’t talk of anything other than their children once they are born, I have so many tales to tell regarding L’s entry into the world that I am morally obligated to at least hit the highlights before resuming other topics.  You, for your part, reader, are, of course, under no such obligation to read the tales, and if you feel the need for my permission to do so, consider yourself excused with my compliments.  But if it has any bearing on your decision, please accept my assurances that these tales will not be chock full of syrupy “magic of birth” platitudes, nor overly graphic or technical details only of interest to the morbid or medical professionals.  While my energy level right now is good, it is not excessive enough to either gush or provide exacting levels of details for much of anything right now.

Trust me.

Starting off, thanks to ultrasound, a talented midwife, and an intuitive mother on L’s part, I knew for some time that L. was breech.  The hope was that he’d eventually turn into proper position, but as the days of the calendar flipped by and he proved immune to any and all forms of persuasion, that hope dwindled.  While there was never any true emergency, it was made clear to me that were there to be a “water break” scenario, we were potentially looking at a literal 911 situation.  I was constantly assured this possibility was “remote” . . . to which I always thought to myself, “but present.”

Those last few weeks were long for me.

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