The Saga Of L’s Arrival (Part Three)

Now I don’t want to give the impression that at any time I was panicked by any of this, because that was never the case.  But by the time we reached the hospital I was distinctly feeling the effects of weeks of being on some level of “alert.”  Fortunately, this had yet to lead to any displays of temper on my part.  (Yet.)

So we endured all the preparatory requirements physical, informative, and paper-work that were necessary, and heard the litany of assurances that the chances of complications in the procedure were remote (“but present”), chances of complications with the primary method of anesthesia were remote (“but present”), chances of complications with the secondary method of anesthesia were remote (“but present”), etc. etc. ad nauseum.

But soon enough all that was done, and I was sitting with L’s Mom in the operating room while the doctor worked behind a drape so as not to upset either of us.  Let me tell you, that man was fast!  The only reason I knew L. was out was because I heard the nurse’s professional chatter change, and L’s Mom didn’t realize it at all until L. was lifted into view over the top of the drape as the doctor chuckled, “Look what I found!”

L’s Mom’s response was a simple “Hey there, L,” while I remained in stunned silence as I beheld L’s scowling face, and his body covered in streams of (completely normal and healthy for a birth) blood.  Frankly, I was unable to speak because all else was crowded away by this sight and the single thought it evoked in me:

“This would have been so perfect for Halloween!”

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