I Didn’t Catch The Bus Either

I’m also frequently asked how I’m doing, and the long answer is “Pretty good for the day to day stuff, but in a pinch I don’t have much by way of reserves to pull from.”

I’d liken it to the time I moved directly from the “highlands” of Florida (some 5 meters above sea level) to Salt Lake City (some 1200 meters above sea level).  I’d been warned about the effects of the change in altitude, but wasn’t really feeling any discomfort, so it was only a matter of days until I forgot about it . . . right up until the time I tried to run half a block to catch a bus.  Take it from me, nothing says you need to take it easy quite like the letters forming themselves from the black spots obscuring your vision after you’ve tried running a few meters in air too thin for you.  You can adapt, but it takes time.

So the short answer to how I’m doing right now is “adapting.”

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  1. Lynn Says:

    “Adapt and overcome” is a familiar phrase in certain circles.

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