Angels And Devils

For some reason, the topic of “angels” kept being brought up today, so that’s what’s currently on my mind.  Now my attitude toward the subject, be it a literal or symbolic one for you, remains the same:

Like a wise tree once said, I’m not entirely on anyone’s side, because no one is entirely on my side.  You flat out can’t trust devils because you can’t count on them to do anything . . . not even to consistently act like devils.  Angels, on the other hand, you can always trust . .  . the problem is I mean that in the sense that you can always trust them to act like angels, first, last, and always, and an angel’s point of view of what is “good” may or may not have any relation to a human definition of “good”  (or if that’s too broad for you, my definition at least).  (See the slaughter of the first born, if you need an example.)

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