It’s A Kind Of Magic

As we continue to adapt to L’s presence in our lives, the list of people telling me this is a “magic” time of life continues to grow; not so coincidentally, this list also serves as my “People I should really do a disservice to someday” list.

But as much as people saying this annoys me, they are technically correct . . . technically . . . since “old school” magic, I’m told, does tend to involve a lot of screaming, sacrifice, and spilling of bodily fluids . . .

(Let the record show that I’m not blaming you for this, son;  this was all part of the deal.  There have already been joys aplenty to balance out the hardships, but it never ceases to amaze me how easily some people, when not actively participating in the hardship portion of something, will dismiss those hardships as irrelevant.)


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