Calling Shenanigans

Hey, Pixie.  (Don’t worry, I won’t make calling you “Pixie” a regular thing (unless it really, really amuses me, of course), but I needed a name to call you here, and that was the first one that came to mind.)  So you’re going into surgery today, and I’ve seen for myself you’re practically drowning under the hugs, well wishes, and cries of “LOVE YOU!”

Well you’re not getting anything like that from me . . . but only because I don’t think that’s what you need from me right now.  Now despite the title of this post, I’m not really knocking everyone else for expressing their affection and concern (I just couldn’t resist the title),  but while you have my affection, between you and me, I just don’t think either one of us have anything to be to be concerned about.

Since you’re the one actually going into surgery, you might be feeling a little scared, which is understandable, but like I told you over the phone, the real enemy of your hospital stay will be boredom . . . crushing, oppressive boredom, and that’s pretty much it.  And while boredom is tedious, it’s hardly something to get worked up over.

So in other words, I have such utter confidence that you’ll get past this (boredom notwithstanding), that‘s all I feel the need to say.

This candle’s for you, Pixie.

P.S.  The invitation to drop me a line during your hospital stay is, of course, extended, but I suspect you’ll have so many people clamoring for your attention that you won’t find the time.  Regardless, the offer remains.

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