The Tale Of L’s Escape From The Hospital Bureaucracy (Part Five)

My memories of what I processed from the conversations that followed go something like this:

-Painful throbbing in my temples

“Probably nothing to be terribly concerned about.”


“But in extreme case this can lead to . . . ” 


“So it’s still something to be taken seriously even though the numbers are only borderline.”


“Easily treatable in most cases.”


We can even arrange for you to take the necessary equipment home with you so you can still leave today.”


“Provided, of course, we can contact the manufacturer in time for them to contact the distributor so they can arrange delivery of the equipment before your pediatrician leaves for the day so he can finalize the release.  If this doesn’t happen, your pediatrician doesn’t have hours here tomorrow, so you’ll have to stay until the next time he does.  I’ll have to check to confirm when that is . . .”


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