Happy Holidays, 2010!

Last year about this time I posted an entry titled Happy Holidays!, which seemed reasonable when I did it . . . right up until today when I sat down to write this year’s holiday entry, started to use the same title, then realized I didn’t want to repeat myself (if only for archival purposes).  Hence the addition of the year to the title . . . a bit more cumbersome than the previous year’s, but unavoidable, really.

Much like the year itself, come to think.

I will, however, repeat my sentiment from last year in wishing everyone a Happy Holidays in general, and in the manner of ancestors, also wishing everyone a  Merry Christmas.  This candle is for the holidays, and also in hopes of an improved year in 2011.  (That last is a bit early, I know, but I figure it can’t hurt to start a little bit early on something so important.)

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