A Touchy Subject (Part One)

Put delicately, I have what one might call a “highly developed sense of personal space.”

Put casually, I don’t like feeling crowded.

Put bluntly, don’t touch me unless I know you extremely well . . . and maybe not even then.

Mind you, I also have a fairly well-developed sense of politeness (if only so I can ignore it when I so choose), so I can shake hands with a smile, and have adapted fairly well to the South Florida custom of hugs and cheek kisses.

Sometimes it’s more effort than others though.

2 Responses to “A Touchy Subject (Part One)”

  1. Eudilma Sole-Kaifman (Eudy) Says:

    Aha! Yes, we kiss and hug down here!! But….not to everyone though….I am actually VERY selective. So, if I kiss/hug YOU is because you are my true friend 🙂

    In Argentina, men gives a kiss (on each cheek) to other men!! NOW, THAT’S disgusting 😛

  2. Robert Alan Says:

    -chuckle- Well . . . I always do my best to accept the gesture in the spirit it is intended, and would do so even in Argentina. 😉

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