A Touchy Subject (Part Two)

This would be a great time for me to lighten the mood by making a flippant comment like “It’s easier if it’s a girl, for instance.”

But my heart’s just not in it.  This is that serious.

Yes, I like (Ahem.) being touched by girls, but even that requires a certain level of mental preparation on my part.  It doesn’t generally take much . . . a quick recognition that a hug is imminent is all it takes 99% of the time for me to enjoy the embrace, for instance.

But anyone, male or female, touching me without warning, particularly when I don’t see it coming at all, risks being . . . unpleasantly surprised by my reaction.  The better I know you, the less likely this is to happen, but sometimes this is because the better you know me, the more you understand the importance of not doing this to me in the first place.

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