A Touchy Subject (Part Four)

I’m going to play the “Story for another time” card right now though, because the only important thing you need to know for the rest of what I have to say on the current subject is that it was a bad day care experience, and while it wasn’t good, it could have been a lot worse, and for now that’s how I’m going to leave it.  So long as it’s a known situation for me, I’m fine or at least know how to cope, and just about every situation is known by me at this point.

But caring for a child, something that requires a sustained level of physical contact far beyond what I’ve ever been comfortable with, was one of the unknowns.   

I guessed that I would be fine, and, as it happens, my guess was correct, as proven by the fact that L. is asleep in my lap as I type this.

But it was still only a guess.

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