Looking Forward

To be clear, L’s mother has already returned to work, albeit with a “light” office schedule for the month of January.  This has let me get a feel for what taking care of L. alone during the day entails, without requiring me to make a full day of it.

Come Monday, however, she returns to a normal schedule.

I’m planning for an adaptation period of no less than a week for L. and me to get used to this new world order, and following that (and at this time this date is uncertain beyond sometime in February), the goal is to begin phasing in my own work back into my daily life again.  This will require its own adaptation period, as I’ll still be caring for L. during the day as well because . . .

Well . . . because I can.  I certainly don’t want to spend the money on day care (A friend of mine actually broke into tears when she found out what day care costs in this country), and there are . . . other reasons, of course.  I don’t know exactly how I’m going to make this work yet .  . . but I’ve got a pretty good idea, at least.  Honestly, I’m less perplexed by how I’m going to pull off working and caring for L. than I am by how I’m going to work around all the people who now want to traipse through my home or want me to visit their home so they can spend time with L.

I’m thinking about charging admission.

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