Icky Leaks

There’s nothing quite like changing a lot of diapers to acquaint one with the concept of “icky leaks.”  Almost nobody affected by them ever seems to be pleased, and bystander reactions tend to run from sympathy to disgust, sometimes with amusement mixed in so long as they are sufficiently unaffected.  And though it helps to be careful and to not leave the diaper on too long before changing it, icky leaks can happen even then.  Due to this, the truly wise caretaker will plan accordingly, because any plan that presumes an icky leak is impossible is a bad plan, because as long as there is a diaper, sooner or later there will be an icky leak.

Now as every caretaker knows, sometimes diapers are necessary, so calling for the abolishment of diapers would only lead to a different kind of mess.  The trick is to not overuse them.  Not only does this minimize icky leaks, but cuts down on all sorts of nasty rashes as well.  Icky leaks can be unpleasant, yes . . . but it’s important to keep one thing in mind:

Icky leaks never happen unless the diaper is full of something, and are always an indicator that some kind of change is in order.

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