Truth Can Be Funnier Than Fiction

Normally I tend to consider my blogging world and my Facebook world like parallel dimensions, i.e., similar but separate outside of some discreet contact points.  I do this because the two serve different purposes for me; specifically, Candles & Curses is my private forum (albeit open to the public), while Facebook is a public forum (albeit with the illusion of privacy). 

But yesterday something happened on Facebook that I feel the need to record here.

A friend of mine had expressed his . . . bemusement at one of the banner ads that had been automatically selected to (in advertising theory) match his profile (what it was is his story to tell, not mine), and this prompted me to refresh my Facebook page and see what banner ads appeared for me.  Four refreshes produced the following results, in order:

One “Meet Girls Now!” ad.
Two “Build Muscle Now!” ads.
And (my personal favorite), one coupon good for any K-Y product. (No link because if you don’t know what that is, it’s not up to me to teach you . . . not via a blog, at least.)

Do you ever get the feeling the Universe is making sly observations at your expense?

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