But If We Did, I’d Pick “Three’s Company”

I want to explain some things about yesterday’s post, son:

First off, I consulted your mother before posting that entry, as I always do with anything involving her.  She thought it was cute, but felt it needed a follow-up explanation.  I agreed.  It definitely needed a footnote, but I felt a footnote would have spoiled the flow (something she agreed with), so I waited until today.

You see, son, yesterday’s story sounded like it came straight out of a sitcom, but the occasional appearance to the contrary aside, we don’t live in a sitcom.  Your mother was playing to old stereotypes, going for an easy joke to make me smile, knowing that I would play along.  So do yourself a favor early and never forget that while she frequently enjoys playing a role that could have been played by Gracie Allen, it is only a role she enjoys.  Consider it another variation on the old “Now I’m just a country boy, BUT . . .” ploy, if you like. 

It’s a ploy, son, a ploy, I tell you!

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