To All The Girls I’ve Loved Before, 2011 Edition

I’ve loved a lot of girls in my life, but admittedly, far too many of them have only been from afar.  I’ve no reason to believe, for instance, that Noel ever had any idea of the level of crush I had on her in 9th grade, but I still think about her (for obvious reasons) every Christmas.  I suppose, technically speaking, I could be classified as a “romantic” . . . if only I hadn’t taken so much joy in the past at sneering at Valentine’s Day.

But not all the girls I’ve loved have been from afar, and this year, one girl in particular deserves special mention (as well as this candle), because she has succeeded at long last, where all others have failed, in making me find some lasting worth in Valentine’s Day.

L., you see, via equal measures of planning and happenstance, is a Valentine baby.  (Yes, son, I know you were born in November.  Just think about it.)

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