Getting This Sentimental Is Probably A Boo Boo, But So What?

Things change.  We all know this.  (How many of us admit this to ourselves is another matter entirely, of course.) 

For instance, someone I know got a tad sentimental at the news that the world’s last mechanical typewriter plant has shut its doors.  And while this news didn’t particularly faze me because there’s enough typewriters in this world that I doubt it’ll be anytime soon where I’ll have any difficulties finding one to point out to L. should he be curious, some things are gone permanently save for a visit to the museum wing of the Akashic records.

“Yogi’s Cave,” which used to be at King’s Dominion, is one of those things.  No, it wasn’t the greatest attraction ever by a long shot, but I can’t help but feel the world is a poorer place since its consignment to oblivion.   

And while a day pass to the Akashic records is a bit difficult for me to arrange, for those who are curious about what I got a little misty eyed over and raised a glass to yesterday, I did stumble over some old video footage (running from approximately 0:30 to 3:30) up on YouTube.

For all its faults, I love the Information Age.

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  1. Robert Alan Says:

    And elapsed time for someone to point out how wrong I was about the last typewriter plant in the world closing: A little over 24 hours.

    I really DO love the Information Age.

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