Final Entry?

As you might have gathered from yesterday’s entry, this week has been a . . . challenging one.  The short form of it is L. has been having a very rough time with his teeth lately, and with Baby Orajel deemed unacceptably risky, I’ve yet to find anything that really gives him any relief, and I’m rapidly running out of grandmotherly advice to try.

But that’s not what I want to talk about today.

As you might have heard, a particular religious sect has declared the end of the world starts tomorrow.  I’m not linking to any articles because most the articles I’ve read have a mocking tone which I find just rude.  Now don’t get me wrong, I have no reason to believe the world is going to end tomorrow (I’ve heard this song played too many times before to really do that), but they do, and in my experience that generally means they find life on Earth unpleasant enough to find the end of it all attractive, and that alone is enough for me to find the idea of mocking them tacky.

Besides, someday somebody is going to be right about it being the end of the world (even if only by chance), and I’d hate to be the guy who made fun of that right before the end.  Because the way I see it, if you mock the idea that going out on March 15th is a bad idea, go out anyway despite your wife begging you to stay, and then end up getting stabbed by the Senate . . . well, you were warned, now weren’t you?

So even though I plan to do another entry on Monday, if for some reason I don’t, let me just say it’s been fun, everybody, hassles and all, so thanks for that.

This candle is for the world, and everyone in it.

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