Followup Thoughts To The World Not Ending (Part One)

Happily, I feel much better today, so I can do some of the musing I wasn’t up for yesterday.

First off, I note without surprise that the person who predicted that the world would end on last Saturday has revised his timetable to October 21st.  We’ll see, of course, but let me state for the record that for what it’s worth, the world does not have my permission to end.

If I seem blasé about this subject, it’s because the way I see it, even though few of us give it much thought, any day could be our last (personally, at least), but that’s hardly a reason to not buy groceries just because you might not get the chance to eat them.  If nothing else, I hope the people who bet everything and lost that Saturday was going to be “the end,” had a flash of insight regarding the risks of “absolute” certainty.  It’s possible they did, at least.

Likewise, I hope the people who took an ugly, ugly, ugly joy in mocking this whole sad situation had a flash of insight regarding the irony of their absolute certainty that the world wouldn’t end.  It’s possible they did, at least.

But sadly, my cynicism tells me that the world has a better chance of ending on October 21st than most people have of learning anything from all this.

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