Followup Thoughts To The World Not Ending (Part Three)

Mind you, there’s also the kicker that points of absolute certainty tend to be pillars of self and/or world views, and pillars tend to be heavily reinforced and protected.  This is understandable; after all, pillars are made to support a lot of weight, and if a pillar gives way, a great deal of stuff (and in worst case scenarios, everything) is going to come crashing down making things . . . “messy.”

But even if (and that can be a big if) that kind of pillar is stable, if you insist on hanging on to it no matter what, you can only see as much of the world as you can see from right there.  And the bigger the pillar, the more it blocks your view, and there comes a point where all you can see is the pillar.

This just doesn’t strike me as a good thing.

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