The Power Of Moments

We all know about the power of moments, and if we forget, before too long there’s bound to be someone trying to use the fact that moments are important to try to sell us something we may or may not need, so I feel more than a little silly even mentioning it.

None of this makes moments any less important or powerful, of course.

Now even though they’re included in the general category, I’m not specifically talking about grand dramatic moments.  I’m talking about the little moments where you take the time to do something little . . . dropping someone a quick line, maybe pick up a dirty glass in the living room while you’re on your way to the kitchen for something else, or perhaps stopping what you’re doing for five minutes to play with your child when they’re feeling playful.

Little things, but they can add up.

(Which is good, because at the moment all I generally have the focus for is little things.  Honestly, there needs to be a statute of limitations on the duration of teething.)

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