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Pro Tip For A Tuesday

May 17, 2011

(Inspired by the news, and nothing personal in my life, I’m happy to say.  Well . . . nothing lately, at least.)

The excuse “I’d have told you sooner, but I knew you’d be really, really mad,” not only doesn’t cut it, it digs it deeper.

No Complaints

May 16, 2011

First off let me make clear that I’m having a lot of fun with L. in the house, but of course it’s not all fun and games.  (Ahem . . . teething!)  The challenges that come along with the fun and games are legion, and they are having a noticeable effect on me.  I’ve no doubt a truly good person would have no trouble weathering these challenges, mind you.

Me, I have to find workarounds.

For instance, not only am I more prone to irritable moods, I have less time and energy to indulge in them, so before I complain about something, I remind myself that I am currently limiting myself to one complaint per day so I don’t start needlessly harping on something just because I’m in a foul mood.  A side effect of this is now when I encounter a situation I’m inclined to complain about, I ask myself if this is really worth using up my precious one allowable complaint for the day.  More often than not, the answer is no, and at the end of the day I find I haven’t complained at all.

Funny that.

A Quick Note For L.

May 13, 2011

Son, the truth of the matter is we’re pretty much destined to have differences of opinion.

Heck, we have differences of opinion now, typically over if you could still be hungry after eating so much already (an argument I almost invariably lose), and if it is time to sleep or not (an argument I fare a little better on, on average, but losses hurt so much more on this one), and, realistically, it’s not likely to get any better as time goes by.  I hesitate to say it will, of necessity, get worse per se, but I can pretty much guarantee that it’ll get more complex.

But if it helps, if you can just hold on to being as happy to see me as you are right now when we’re not having a difference of opinion, we’ll be fine.  Heck, if when you see me in the future you can find it in yourself to still smile one tenth as brightly as you do right now when you see me, we’ll still be fine.

That’s something I can guarantee.

Birthday Thoughts – 2011

May 12, 2011

If it weren’t for the considerations and indulgences from others that generally accompany the date, I wouldn’t give any thought to my birthday at all beyond perhaps feeling a small sense of accomplishment at having beat the odds for another year.

And There’s Your Answer

May 11, 2011

One of the facts of life about having a baby in the house in this day and age is that many, many things for babies play songs.

Quite often the same songs.

Over.  And over.  And over.

Since this is common knowledge, I was hardly surprised when the question was put to me that “I know it makes them happy, a baby doesn’t get bored the same way adults do, but no matter how happy it makes a baby, how can you stand to hear that stuff for hours on end?”

It’s a fair question.

The trouble is when the question is put to me, all I hear the questioner saying is “Blah, blah, blah ‘happy baby, happy baby,’ blah blah blah.”

Gleeking Out

May 10, 2011

To be clear, I use a very simple procedure for writing Candles & Curses.  Specifically, I write whatever is at the forefront of my mind when I sit down.  Sometimes this is “I really should keep my mouth shut today,” and sometimes this means what I think I’m going to write shifts (sometimes dramatically) one or more times before I actually get to sit down.

Today is one of the latter cases.

Over a late lunch it was mentioned to me that someone I know had been playing around with a “Mayan horoscope website” where you enter your birthdate and it gives you a rather cryptic “horoscope.”  Honestly, I wasn’t terribly impressed at first, but I’ll admit it’s probably better for repeat business than giving everyone the same message of “You will die in 2012.”  As my eyes were glazing over from being told that my birthdate brought up the horoscope of “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon” (or something like that), things got interesting as I was informed that the website also allowed you to input two people’s birth dates to determine the kind of energy they would generate as a couple, and that together we made (and this part I am not making up):

Blue Electric Monkey.

And since nothing else I was considering talking about at this moment in time was nearly as funny (or weird) as that, today’s entry was born.  (Bonus points if you get the pun in the title.)

Runaway Emotions

May 9, 2011

So my sister mentioned in passing that her youngest did the old “Mommy, I’m running away from home” trick recently.  (Seems kind of tacky to do that so close to Mother’s Day if you ask me, but I wasn’t consulted.)  So a favorite toy was gathered, pictures were taken, and a grand expedition to the end of the driveway ensued before hunger brought the little adventurer home again.  “How cute!” people cried (which it was), and “They all (i.e., children) do that!” (Which isn’t true, of course, but it’s not a statement meant to be taken literally).

Yeah . . . about that . . .

Want to know what happened when I pulled that little trick as a child?

Mom helped pack me a little bindle on a stick and everything, and waved goodbye to me, confident in the knowledge that “every” child does this, and that I’d turn back.

Except that I didn’t turn back at the end of the driveway.

Nor at the edge of the property line.

The street we lived on at the time was safe enough to do this on, so she let me go a little further.

Fortunately she realized before I was out of sight that I was not turning around, and ran after me.  (Mom, evidently, was a little hazy on the whole “running away” concept.)

Obviously we worked our differences out, but that was the last time she packed a bindle for me, I can tell you that.

Happy Mother’s Day, Mom!

Working Knowledge

May 6, 2011

Put simply, I like to know things . . . the old “who, what, when, where, why, and how,” if you will.

But as I’ve said before, I try not to get too unreasonable about this, and can happily accept practical interim answers until my knowledge is sufficient for greater understanding.  So while I’m not terribly hip on the answer of “because” to the question of “why” for instance, if, on the other hand, the answer is “Because the whole thing blows up if we don’t do it that way, we don’t know why.”

I can work with that.

So To Speak [PG-13ish If You Choose To Read It That Way]

May 5, 2011

(Now in an attempt to lighten the mood, I present the following, arguably inappropriate, observation.)

A lot of what can be a turn on for some people looks frankly silly when viewed from a detached perspective; but then again, that’s true of all the best inside jokes.

A Public Service Announcement Regarding Baby Orajel

May 4, 2011

As well as other benzocaine containing products.  While as I write this the Snopes site is reporting the status of this as being “undetermined” as of their last update on the subject on August 6, 2008 since it first hit their site in July 2008, the FDA apparently issued a warning on April 7th of this year.

Given my recent revelations about my stress level, and the fact that I have (infrequently) used the product in question on L., and don’t really care how rare the chance of death is, I shall say no more than mention how “displeased” I am at this news, particularly when I consider the disparity of the dates I mentioned.  Some may say I’m being unfair on this point, but that’s something else I don’t really care about right now, and I advise that point not be brought up with me for some time, if at all.

Now if you’ll excuse me.  I’m going to go spend some time with my son.