Or Type It (Part One)

When I was younger, I was quite simply unable to keep my mouth shut if I had something funny or witty to say . . . funny to me, that is.  Sadly, that all too often included sarcastic remarks that were unfeeling at best, and downright cruel at worst.  These days I do my best to keep those kind of remarks to myself unless they are truly warranted (This doesn’t happen very often.), even if it means (like today, for instance) I find myself composing an ever-growing mental list of my new favorite retorts/answers to a person (or persons) that honestly don’t need that kind of heat in their life from me right now.

But like I said, I didn’t always used to do this.  (Nor do I always succeed even today, but the difference is these days I make the effort.)  I still say what I like, mind you, but I do my best to consider if I would like myself for saying what I’m thinking before I say it.

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