Or Type It (Part Two)

Now judging by the constant stream of stories about one person after another being the latest to “open brain, insert Twitter,” I don’t expect this attitude will catch on any time soon, because where would be the fun in that?  (Provided you’re the one watching from outside the splash zone, of course.)  But some of us . . . well, a few of us . . . well . . . maybe it is just me . . . are painfully aware we have been given the tools to work at the speed of light in saying or do something we’ll regret.  And on top of my own personal sense of decorum, I’ve also got the added motivation of trying to set a good example for L.  (And honestly there are days I feel like I’m playing against type and the odds on that one.)  An example won’t always substitute for learning something directly on his own, but at least it might save him some time . . . and maybe some pain, which would be good.

Because I remember how painful my lesson on this subject was.

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