Or Type It (Part Three)

It happened when I was walking over to a friend of mine to ask if something was wrong, when she looked at me and said, in essence, “Oh God, Rob, I’m having a really bad day, and the last thing I need right now is you trying to be ‘funny’ about it!”

And what hurt . . . I mean what really hurt was the sudden realization that was a completely justified thing for her to say to me even if I was only innocently coming over to ask if she was okay because she didn’t know that.  What she did know was how often I made jokes of and from situations, and how little she was in the mood to be made fun of right then.

And take it from me, there’s nothing like hearing something like that to make you start considering if maybe, just maybe you should back off on being “funny” in favor of being kind now and then, if only so when you’re moving to comfort a friend, they don’t honestly believe that your coming over to kick them when they’re down under the pretense of “being funny.”

I didn’t change overnight, of course, but that was the start of my realization that even if I’m thinking of the funniest and/or most insightful line in the world (and it probably isn’t), when I’m saying it, how I’m saying it, and who I’m saying it to are all some of the things that should be considered before I say it.

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