A LOT Of Slack

At a gathering the other night, I mentioned to someone how painfully aware I was of the extent that L. is going to imitate me as he grows.  This prompted the person I was talking with to cite a study that he’d seen recently that found that girls base their behavior on about 75% of what they’re told to do, and 25% of what they see; boys on the other hand, were found to base their behavior on 10% of what they’re told to do, and 90% of what they see.

I’m not sure I buy that, particularly the implication that this is some sort of Y-chromosome nature thing as opposed to nurture, but not having seen the study, I can’t really say how valid their procedures were.

What I can say is there’s never been a more perfect study to inspire nightmares in me (and yes, I’m including the ones that came out of Nazi Germany), because this one scared the **** out of me.  Because damn it, I mean darn it, son, I’m doing my best here, but 90%!  Cheese and crackers!  75% I might be able to handle, but I know I spend at least 25% of my time telling myself ways I can do better next time and doing my best to listen.  If you only pull 10% . . .

What I’m sayin’ is that one way or the other, I’m gonna need some slack here, kiddo.

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