It’s Only A Matter Of Time Before I Start Actively Using This As A Retort

Fatherhood has changed me, of course; this was inevitable.  It’s just that the changes are most definitely not of the variety that some of my acquaintances (fathers themselves) rather gleefully assured me was coming.  I was me before L. was born, and I’m still me.

But there have been changes.

For instance, I’m more patient than I was before – not nearly to the level I feel I need, but I keep working at it.  Stress and exhaustion can still incline me to snarl and snap, of course, but it takes more to provoke me than it used to.  There was a time when displays of random obnoxiousness and ignorance (I find the two usually go together) would just infuriate me, even if I didn’t react overtly.  Now I’m more inclined to look at someone and think, “Wow.  Somebody needs a bottle and a nap!”

Mind you, the contents I’m thinking of for the bottle starts at the benign and becomes increasingly . . . “dire,” depending on the level of obnoxiousness and ignorance being displayed.

I told you I’m still me.

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