This Was Funnier Back When The Economy Was Only Depressed Instead Of Suicidal

This was a few years back, but I thought of it again recently:

In a parking lot, I turned and noticed on a very nice car there was a custom license plate that said “Jah Bless.”  Now that should be pronounced “Yah” (as in Yahweh), and not like “Jaw,” but to use an excuse I’ve used before, looking at it that way wouldn’t have been funny.

I turned to the person I was with and said, “Those poor jobless people.  Their car is so expensive to maintain they’ve taken to advertising on their license plate.”

I was kidding.   She knew I was kidding, but she took the bait anyway.

“Jah bless,” she said (pronouncing it correctly), “is them calling down a blessing of universal benevolence on every human on the planet, inviting all to share in their good fortune.”

Feigning chastisement, I hung my head and said, “Oh.”  Then I grinned and added, “I hope they find a job soon then.”

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