It May Not Be “Art,” But It’s Still An Art To Me

Son, there’s a really bad knock-knock joke out there that goes something like this:

‘Joker’“Knock knock.”
Victim:  “Who’s there?”
‘Joker’:  “Interrupting cow.”
Victim:  “Interrupting co . . .”
‘Joker’:  “MOO!”

Pretty bad, right?  The type of joke that just sort of makes you ashamed for some people’s ideas about comedy.

Still . . . waste not, want not, you know.

I just wanted you to know that recently I had great success (with your help) in telling a variation on this joke to your mother:

Me (with you in my arms):  “Knock knock” 
The Victim (i.e., your mother):  “Who’s there?”
Me:  “Interrupting Bu.”
The Victim (sighing):  “Interrupting B . . .”
Me (thrusting you toward her, prompting you to laugh):  “I’m cute!”
The Victim (rolling her eyes):  “Oh, that was ba . .”
Me (thrusting you toward her again, making you laugh even more):  “I’m cute!”
The Victim (starting to laugh):  “Okay!  I get it, I get . . .”
Me (repeating the same motion yet again, getting even more laughter):  “I’m cute!”
The Victim (cooing):  “Oh give him here!  I know what you’re doing and I don’t care!  I simply must play with him now!”

And while she played with you, I went and got a much needed snack.

I’m not sure, but I think we just ran our first con together, kiddo.

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