I’d Be Pretty “Sithed” Off Myself

Since I’m still sore and in the recovery phase, yesterday (among other things, of course) I ended up rewatching the final lightsaber battle between Anakin Skywalker (pre-Darth Vader phase) and Obi-Wan Kenobi, and found myself thinking just how unnecessary so much of what I saw was.  My major objection though, can be summed up in the following fictional letter written by Darth Vader, but never delivered since Obi-Wan changed his name to Ben and claimed to be an entirely different Kenobi when the post office tried to deliver it:

My dear former master,

Thank you for warning me against my ill-advised attempt in leaping at you when you clearly had the superior defensive position.  It was most kind even if you did slice off an unnecessary number of appendages when stopping me. (How exactly did you do that anyway?)  I just wanted you to know that I understand perfectly why you didn’t come down and drag me away from the lava; it was already burning me alive, and if you had taken hold of me you likely would have ended up sharing my fate.  Why to safely pull me away from the lava so I didn’t start immolating, you would have had to have had telekinesis or something.

Oh, wait.

I guess you just forgot.

Looking forward to splitting a beer (or something) with you upon our next meeting.


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