Status For October

Another month down, so now what?

First off, my work schedule for September went better than I would have bet on at the start, so that much is right with my universe.  (Little else is today, as I started my day feeling one notch above “clinically dead,” and haven’t really improved much, but this shall pass.)  It wasn’t always easy to work, of course, but fortunately I really do enjoy what I do, so the “now what” is to get better at sharing that enjoyment because be my work good, bad, or ugly, it doesn’t do anyone much good gathering electrons on my hard drive.

Put simply, I have two main options:  Focus on the traditional publishing route (currently in flux due to comparatively recent technological advances), or chart a more electronic/on-line course (a route also in flux because print media may well be dying, but reports of its death remain exaggerated).  Both options strike me as equally viable, at least for the time being, so my goal for October (in addition to continuing my established work schedule) is to make an informed choice regarding my main options.  Picking one to focus on hardly precludes the other, of course; it merely establishes where the bulk of my energy will be going for now.  Part of making said informed choice will be working with the people who have been rightly telling me I’m not doing everything I can to make my digital footprint on the Web, and at this time I have only the vaguest idea where following this particular avenue shall lead me.

But I should have a better idea by the start of November.

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