We Interrupt This Story . . .

To bring you this breaking news bulletin:

Yesterday was not only the day for baby’s first band-aid, it was the day for baby’s first lesson in not sticking your finger in the refrigerator door as it closes.  (He’s fine, honest.  For some time now I’ve been taking care to not slam the refrigerator door just in case I ever misjudged the positioning of baby fingers.)

There’s a lesson (not including the obvious one about not sticking your finger in closing refrigerator doors) that I want you to take away from this, son:

I really was doing my best to watch your fingers, and I thought all your fingers were clear.  While I was obviously incorrect, I could point out that by not closing the door on nine out of ten of your fingers, I achieved ninety percent of my goal.

But that would be an incredibly, incredibly stupid thing to say.

Beware of people who seriously say (or even worse, believe it when they say) things like that.

(And tomorrow we shall return you to the story, Sharing Time, already in progress.)

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