Sharing Time (Part Three)

Not that this was the first time somebody had ever claimed in my presence to be empathic, mind you, but it was the first time someone ever tried it as part of a sales technique.

Regardless, my reaction was the same because I just have to test a claim like that; I brought up my best “poker face” and started observing.  Empathy (in the psychic sense) is a tougher claim to judge than, say telepathy, because the “What am I thinking of right now?” challenge is pretty straightforward.  (Though, for the record, given the number of times I thought “Just get on with it already!” to no effect, I feel safe in reporting she demonstrated no telepathic skills in my presence.)  Even so, by the time our time together was complete, I can report she scored consistently in her readings of me:

She read my mood wrong every time, so either her empathic skills were lacking, or I have a really good poker face.

Maybe both.

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