Food For Thought

Son, your mother and I like good food.  Mind you, our definitions of “good” (and sometimes “food”) occasionally differ, but those are literally matters of taste.

Not everyone is capable of understanding that though.

Some of the people your mother knows, for instance, take a great joy in tormenting her about the food she eats even as they literally steal food off her plate.  (Don’t ask me how they rationalize that.)  One particular time this happened, the person was absolutely horrified at the idea that they were eating something healthy no matter how good they thought it tasted before they knew this.

“I don’t want to eat food that’s good for me!” they protested.  “I want to eat . . .”

“Poison?” your mother oh so sweetly suggested.


2 Responses to “Food For Thought”

  1. Eudilma Kaifman Says:

    Fantastic…as usual!! And of course, it happens the same to me whenever I am eating my “weird” food…

  2. Robert Alan Says:

    Funny how that works. 🙂

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