I Know I Did

Today I watched you struggle with an important concept, son.

You were sitting near a closed door that you wanted opened, but every time I tried to open the door for you (the doorknob principle being a mite advanced for you at the moment), you refused to move so I could fully open it because the door opened inward.  Before I could move you, you promptly pushed the door closed again (Yes, I watched out for your fingers.), then got angry because you wanted the door open.

This cycle repeated a couple of times, with you actually rotating around to glare accusingly at me (giving me a little more room to open the door in the process), before rotating back and shutting the door once again.  Then you grabbed the door firmly and started pulling on it to open it up and get it out of your way, but you refused to move out of the door’s way, so you and the door remained at an impasse.  Finally you grabbed the door, scooted it and your body back a bit, got mad that the door was still in your way and not cooperating, grabbed and scooted a little more, got madder, and so on until the door was passed your body enough for you to crawl through the doorway.  By that time though, you were in quite a huff over all the effort that had taken.

I hope you learned something from that, son.

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