Singing A Different Tune

Remember when I said that I never understood the question about if I ever get bored from hearing children’s songs over and over?

Well, that still hasn’t changed, but . . .

How can I put this delicately?

I’ve always had a habit of . . . modifying the lyrics of songs that I hear a lot, purely for my own personal (twisted) amusement; I don’t always even notice that I’m doing this.  This wasn’t an issue so long as the songs in this household remained instrumental, but now that we’ve moved on to children’s songs with actual lyrics, even though I’m taking special care to keep my modifications of those songs “clean,” people are starting to notice.

Case in point:

Actual lyric:  “Number one is fun.  Fun, fun, fun!”*  “One surfer in the sea.  One, one, one!”

My followup:  “One shark he didn’t see.  One, one, one!”

My reaction to the stunned laughter in the house that followed:  “What?”


*Keeping it clean, remember?

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