L. Knew I Was Kidding, The Audience Was Horrified Though

(The following story, while true, owes its inspiration to an old Far Side strip.)

Yesterday L. was playing with a Thanksgiving balloon his mother had gotten him.  It was rapidly running out of helium at this point, but still had a bit of life in it, and finally managed to slip his grasp and make its escape to the ceiling.  L. expressed some mild displeasure at this, and grasped futilely in the direction of the balloon.

“You’re never going to be able to reach it from there,” an audience member told him.

With all the dignity I could muster (which is considerable), I turned to them with a haughty sniff.  “Do not tell my son what he can and can not reach for,” I scolded before turning back to L.

“Son,” I said.  “Remember the story of the man who thought it simply wasn’t fair that birds could fly and he couldn’t, because that man, after much trial and error, went on to invent . . . the bow and arrow.”

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