Status For 12/09/11

Despite my “glowing”(1) optimism of yesterday, an impromptu eleventh hour brainstorming session last night bore some unexpected fruit, so this update gets to be a little more upbeat than I was anticipating.

First of all though, the reason for my discontent:

Currently my schedule is heavily dependent on other people’s schedules, particularly Bu’s, so when Bu suddenly decided this week he was done with the whole morning nap concept, it left a gaping hole in my schedule.  This will require nothing more dire than a little adaptation on my part, but . . .

Nothing quite like having even less time than you’re used to having to highlight the weakness of your old schedule, as things that were slowly slipping through the cracks before suddenly are rushing away from you like Niagara Falls toward the Maid of the Mist.

So yeah, time for even more schedule re-evaluation and sacrifice, because few things (not people, things) are more important to me than my work, but setting a good example for L. is one of them and I just don’t feel I’ve been doing that lately by letting some “little things” (other than him, of course) slide so I can write, I now have a pile of big things waiting for my attention, which is not something I want him to learn from me.  (You hear me, kiddo?  I’ll fix this one, I promise, but I’m going to need a little time, so don’t start imitating me until after I’ve fixed it, deal?)

The good news is that there is good news, but this update is running long as it is, so I’ll save that for next week.


(1) “Glowing” in the sense that Hellfire glows.

2 Responses to “Status For 12/09/11”

  1. adrienne Says:

    The longer I’m a parent the more I realize the best skill to have is adaptability, (and patience as they get a little older). As soon as I get into a comfortable routine with the kids somebody decides it’s time for a change and my world goes spinning out of control again! Once I accepted that would be the norm from now on, I felt slightly more in control. I hope you both are doing well and enjoying being parents. Btw, I really enjoy reading your daily ruminations.

  2. Robert Alan Says:

    Slowly but surely I’m coming to terms with the “situation normal” of my current schedule being subject to change at any moment. Fortunately for me, I was familiar with the military acronym involving “situation normal” LONG before I chose to become a father. 😀

    So yes, aside from the current “situation normals” regarding not enough time or rest, we’re all good and happy here, and thank you for your kind words. I’m sure it’s possible for me to get enough of compliments, but so far I’ve yet to hit my limit. 😉

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