Status For 12/16/11

Since last Friday’s update was all about the “bad news” (and wasn’t really all that bad), this update is the bridge moving us toward the “good news.”

But first some “reality news”:

The reality is that the writing world is, and has been for some time, in a state of flux.  Readership of print media in general is on the decline, and the sun has long since set on the heyday of great fiction magazines like Amazing StoriesPut bluntly, with some admitted notable exceptions, there’s never been a lot of money in being a writer, and the money in short stories was generally pretty meager even at the peak of their popularity . . . and that was a long time ago!

But despite all that, I happen to like short stories, which is convenient, since that like is concurrent with the fact that short projects are all I have the time and focus for at the moment.  I want these stories to have a wider audience, but for one reason or another, I’ve just never liked my available options for distribution.

But last week someone suggested an idea for an option I did like.  This week there was only time for mulling it over, which I suppose might count as “bad news.”

But the “good news” is that over the next two weeks, even with the holidays (actually, because of them), I’ll have the best chance I’m going to get right now to turn that idea into reality and see how well it works in practice.

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