For Want Of A King

Even though it hasn’t been opened yet and I have no idea what it is, I have already picked my favorite present that L. has received this year.  Now you might think this would be an odd thing to pick given what I know about this present is largely limited to the givers, the shape of the box (rectangular), and that’s it’s not heavy enough to be a brick . . . but bear with me.   It’s the wrapping paper, you see, it’s red, with the words “NO Peeking” and “Santa is watching” running in alternating bands all around it.

But that alone isn’t why it’s my favorite.  Remember that I said the box was rectangular?

There’s a point on this present where the warning that “Santa is watching” is almost perfectly framed on one side, but the admonition above it of “NO Peeking” is chopped off sharply, cutting off the last four letters, giving a very different message in the process.

You can call my amusement at this juvenile if you like, but I remember wondering if I should be concerned about exactly that same thing when I was child, thank you very much.

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