Tales From Christmas 2011 (Part Two)

Since this was L’s second Christmas, the good news was that this year he was big enough to get his own Christmas stocking.  The bad news was he wasn’t big enough to have anything really good in it . . . a couple of types of dry cereal he likes and a whole apple being the bulk of it.

While he didn’t seem to mind, I was suitably horrified, and I made a public promise (that I am repeating here) to ensure that he got a better Christmas stocking next year.

Overall he seemed to enjoy Christmas even though he’s still a little unclear on the whole “gift” concept, but he likes new things and he likes playing with paper, so it all worked out.  As always with small children, he latched onto one thing from all his loot as his favorite, and that one thing took up the lion’s share of his attention.

Three guesses what it was.

Yep . . . it was the apple.

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