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Status For 12/16/11

December 16, 2011

Since last Friday’s update was all about the “bad news” (and wasn’t really all that bad), this update is the bridge moving us toward the “good news.”

But first some “reality news”:

The reality is that the writing world is, and has been for some time, in a state of flux.  Readership of print media in general is on the decline, and the sun has long since set on the heyday of great fiction magazines like Amazing StoriesPut bluntly, with some admitted notable exceptions, there’s never been a lot of money in being a writer, and the money in short stories was generally pretty meager even at the peak of their popularity . . . and that was a long time ago!

But despite all that, I happen to like short stories, which is convenient, since that like is concurrent with the fact that short projects are all I have the time and focus for at the moment.  I want these stories to have a wider audience, but for one reason or another, I’ve just never liked my available options for distribution.

But last week someone suggested an idea for an option I did like.  This week there was only time for mulling it over, which I suppose might count as “bad news.”

But the “good news” is that over the next two weeks, even with the holidays (actually, because of them), I’ll have the best chance I’m going to get right now to turn that idea into reality and see how well it works in practice.

That’s Still Something In Their Favor Though

December 15, 2011

With all due respect to Will Rogers, I’ve yet to manage to pull off the attitude that “a stranger is just a friend I haven’t met yet.”

The best I’ve been able to do so far is “a stranger is just a person that hasn’t ******(1) me off yet.”


(1)  The word I was thinking of there, was of course, “ticked.” Seems kind of silly to censor it now that I think about it.

It’s Frequently Found In Couch Potatoes

December 14, 2011

A while back a good friend of mine was given a truly excellent reason to become more . . . conscious about his health.  Said reason, in a nutshell, was the doctor looking at him and saying, “You have a choice:  You lose your weight . . . or you lose your life.  Your call.”

Hard to argue against something like that.

To my friend’s credit, he didn’t even try to argue, and since then he’s been winning victory after victory against what he calls “Furniture Disease.”

“‘Furniture Disease?'” I asked him the first time he used this phrase in front of me.

“You know,” he said with a chuckle.  “When your chest collapses into your drawers.”

The Naked . . . Truth?

December 13, 2011

Remember when I mentioned my photographer friend and my amusement at certain models who scorn the idea of doing a nude shot, but so long as they’re not technically nude, everything else is apparently fair game?

Yesterday that same friend pointed me to a model’s portfolio site where she spells out in no uncertain terms that she, and I quote, does “NOT SHOOT NUDES OR TOPLESS!”

Fair enough.

So then imagine my . . . perplexity at finding one particular picture in her portfolio that left . . . let’s just say “no doubt as to her gender” despite some careful posing on her part.

Well . . . she’s wearing boots, I concluded at last.  So I suppose that makes her “not nude.”  And I guess that collar she’s wearing must count as a top then . . .

Not Until The Word Of The Day Is “Vitriol”

December 12, 2011

In children’s news, the word of the day on Sesame Street is “empathy.”

In adult news, Sesame Street will not be invited to participate in any political debates any time soon.

Status For 12/09/11

December 9, 2011

Despite my “glowing”(1) optimism of yesterday, an impromptu eleventh hour brainstorming session last night bore some unexpected fruit, so this update gets to be a little more upbeat than I was anticipating.

First of all though, the reason for my discontent:

Currently my schedule is heavily dependent on other people’s schedules, particularly Bu’s, so when Bu suddenly decided this week he was done with the whole morning nap concept, it left a gaping hole in my schedule.  This will require nothing more dire than a little adaptation on my part, but . . .

Nothing quite like having even less time than you’re used to having to highlight the weakness of your old schedule, as things that were slowly slipping through the cracks before suddenly are rushing away from you like Niagara Falls toward the Maid of the Mist.

So yeah, time for even more schedule re-evaluation and sacrifice, because few things (not people, things) are more important to me than my work, but setting a good example for L. is one of them and I just don’t feel I’ve been doing that lately by letting some “little things” (other than him, of course) slide so I can write, I now have a pile of big things waiting for my attention, which is not something I want him to learn from me.  (You hear me, kiddo?  I’ll fix this one, I promise, but I’m going to need a little time, so don’t start imitating me until after I’ve fixed it, deal?)

The good news is that there is good news, but this update is running long as it is, so I’ll save that for next week.


(1) “Glowing” in the sense that Hellfire glows.

Status Update Tomorrow

December 8, 2011

One of the oddest feelings in the world is realizing as your head is being lowered to the chopping block that you actually volunteered to do this.

And That’s . . . Pretty Raunchy

December 7, 2011

Must you sing children’s songs? (1)” I was asked way, way too early this morning for this to be a safe question.

“Of course not!” I said, and promptly launched into the raunchiest W.A.S.P. song I know of off the top of my head. (2)


(1)  Singing children’s songs is one of those hazards of having children that very few people talk about.

(2)  There were, of course, no children around at the time.

Third Time’s The Charm . . . Almost

December 6, 2011

Over the weekend one of my more avid readers pointed out to me that the third anniversary of Candles & Curses was coming up on the 4th, and that I really should mark the occasion close to on time for a change.  And I was planning on it.


But frankly, I personally found yesterday’s topic far more interesting than an anniversary announcement, so I went with that instead, but I did remember that I was going to mention I’ve been doing this blog consistently for three years now.

Ahem . . . I remembered it after yesterday’s post, but I did remember it.

First Words

December 5, 2011

There just something about having a child that makes some people start obsessing about that child’s first word.  Some parents spend endless hours repeating “Mama” or “Dada” in head to head competition in the hopes of being “the one” baby calls for first.

Yeah . . . I’m just not one of those people.

Truth be told, babies frequently make all sorts of sounds, even “Mama” and “Dada,” without any meaning behind those sounds.  They’re not really using those sounds as words yet, but I quickly discovered trying to tell that to an excited parent (or grandparent) just does not work out . . . be it well or at all.

So for the record, L’s first “word,” in the sense that he repeated a sound with consistency and deliberation was “Gagoon.”  (If there’s any meaning behind this sound, I’ve yet to discover it.  I’m told it’s similar to a surname in Malaysia, so perhaps he’s been.  Other than that, I think it’s just a sound he likes making.)

L’s first actual word with meaning and understanding behind it has been determined though:

It’s “bear.” (Though in practice it comes out more often than not as “ba” with just a hint of an “r” at the end.)  This refer to his beloved little toy bear which has become his almost constant companion in recent weeks, and I’ve proved to my satisfaction that ba(r) is a word by a simple test.  Every time I ask L “Where’s your bear?” he goes “Ba(r)” and starts looking around until he finds his bear.

Congrats, Bu.  (I think my first word was “cookie,” so you’re already off to a better start than I got.)